Dear Ministry Partner,

CARE Food Bank is celebrating its 8th anniversary this year. With great programs and a variety of family-oriented offerings, we are working to enhance the quality of life in this community, making it a better, more interesting place to live.

Founded in 2009, CARE Food Bank has become a leader in the local community. Our stability results from the loyal dedication and hard work of many volunteers who support what we do year after year. Feeding 13,000 individuals this year, we have done that only being open one day a week.

We are in need of donations for our Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and for those in need. We need turkeys, canned green beans, cranberry sauce, etc. We could use anything non-perishable.

Cash is also welcome.

We need to build a new and larger facility because the condition of our current building is unrepairable. We want to offer other resources to the East side of Tacoma, i.e. substance abuse counseling, job training, and ESL classes. We are asking for your support of this valuable community asset in a special way this year. In celebration of our 8th year, will you support us with a gift of $100-$500?

All gifts are tax-deductible.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in the community!

Pastor Linda Bach

Care Food Pantry Director

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